Welcome to our Campaigns Page - Here you will find the current campaigns we are working on at An Ethical Life.  We are passionate about modern slavery, human rights, homelessness, environmental issues & social justice advocacy.  Updates to our campaigns also appear in our weekly ethical life blog. 


Get rid of cigarette butts on our Redcliffe waterfront!

March 2019 - ongoing

Working with Pristine Peninsula to lobby the Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) about the ridiculous amount of cigarette butts polluting Moreton Bay.  Have met several times with politicians and most recently with Council staff to discuss potential solutions.  Awaiting outcome from their pitch at the October 2019 Council meeting. UPDATE:  MBRC are hesitant to put in ashtrays near the waterfront at this time.  Instead they will be embarking on a concentrated social media campaign to combat littering on the peninsula.  We are less than happy with this outcome and will continue the fight well into 2020 & beyond, if necessary!


Modern Slavery Act 2018

November 2018 - ongoing

Lobbied our local member the Hon. Luke Howarth MP - Member of Parliament, Australia.  Successful meeting with some of our issues being met, others not.  We will continue to work in this area and try to have the legislation amended.  We even got a mention in Parliament - does that make us famous? Here's the link.  Copy & paste it into your browser http://bit.ly/2OH6cxQ


Homelessness on Redcliffe Peninsula

March 2019 - ongoing

Provision of advice and offer of advocacy support to local group working with homeless people on Redcliffe Peninsula.  This issue needs urgent attention and we will continue to monitor & support where we can.  More to come.


War on plastic promotional items - Coles & Woolworths

August 2018 - ongoing

Fought on Twitter, Facebook & email, with really no satisfaction at all.  Both Coles & Woolworths responded with a stock standard PR spiel.  However, it is encouraging to see Woolworths are now offering seed kits so that people can grow their own herbs and vegetables.  Maybe they did listen to us and the thousands of others who protested against this madness!