• Judith Newton

5 Ways to Spring Clean your Life!

It's spring time and it's time to not only clean our house but why not clean out our lives and free ourselves from all the things that are holding us back from living our best ethical life ever?

1. Focus on you

We spend so much time caring for others that sometimes our needs take second, third or even last place in our lives. While I'm not advocating that you stop caring for others, please understand that unless you care for yourself too you won't have the energy to help others. So make sure that each day you take a little time out to be by yourself - whether you lunch in the park alone enjoying the feel of the sun on your face; you spend time quietly meditating; or you luxuriate in a long, relaxing bath at the end of the day - just relish making you a priority and spending time on yourself. Gon on, you deserve it!

2. Get rid of negative thoughts

OK easier said than done but seriously it's worth the effort to develop a more positive outlook on life. We only get one chance at this life and it's so worth living it as best we can. Take some quiet time out to really think about the thoughts that might be holding you back. How real are they? Or are they just words from others in the past? Words that were said but weren't true? Question those thoughts? You don't have to accept them as the truth! Remember these fabulous words - "The past does not define you, it prepares you!". Nothing is wasted! You can move on, learning from the past, believing in yourself and creating the life you want to live! There's lots of books, podcasts, counsellors and life coaches that can help you too. Whatever you do, just do what's right for you.

3. Wave goodbye to people who don't support you

Just like negative thoughts, the last thing you need around you are people who bring you down. You know the type of people I mean, the ones who only have negative things to say, the ones that complain, the ones that don't rejoice in your wins. I know I don't have to tell you because I'm sure you've probably read it before but you become like the people you spend the most time with, so choose your friends and social circle wisely. If actually removing these people from your life is difficult, then just subtly plan to see less and less of them, replacing their company with people who love you and only want the best for you! Time to say goodbye! You definitely deserve better!

4. Use what you've got

We live in a consumer-driven society. Advertising and marketing are all about, not only on TV but on our social media platforms, our outdoor spaces, even the back of public toilet doors! It's all about consuming, having more, wanting more. What I'm suggesting is before we start consuming more and more stuff why don't we use what we already have. And I'm talking about all kinds of things, makeup, perfume, clothes, food, books - the list is infinite. Why not finish using what we have and then, if we really need something then we buy it? I know things don't seem to be made to last these days. It seems like something always needs replacing. Again why should our first response be to buy something new - what about repairing it, making do, or questioning if we really needed the item in the first place?

5. Do one positive thing each month to make this world a better place

Habits are hard to break. I read that it only takes 28 days of concentrated effort to change a habit. Now that doesn't seem like a long time but give it a try, it's harder than you think. That's why I'm in favour of taking small steps towards bigger changes in my life. Just try making one change a month and the next month introduce another change as well as maintaining the other change in your life. You could introduce something like eating one vegetarian meal a week; recycling your bottles and household waste; or volunteering some time to help out your favourite cause. Small steps that grow into meaningful changes to help make this world a better place.

I hope you find some inspiration with these ideas. We'd love to hear what you do to spring clean your life.

Until next time,

Judy x

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