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Cold and it's getting colder - Welcome to our July 2019 Newsletter

Updated: Sep 30, 2019

Hello and welcome to the start of a new financial year!  Why is that exciting?  Well, it's probably not all that exciting really but I like to think of it as a mini-new beginning, a bit like New Year's Eve without all the bubbly and fireworks. I feel there's excitement in the air, hope and inspiration to make for a better tomorrow.  I've been encouraged to see lots of activity supporting the Plastic-Free July initiative.  You know it's been 12 months now since single-use plastic bags were banned in Queensland.  Victoria is coming on board with the ban in November this year and then there's only New South Wales to go!  Let's hope it's sooner, rather than later, for the sake of our environment and marine life. 

I was listening to ABC Radio 612 last Tuesday (26/6/2019) and the presenter, Rebecca Levingston, posed the question as to how many plastic bags would it take to make up the weight of 780 elephants?  Well, apparently Woolworths has estimated that it's around 3 billion plastic bags and that's how many bags they've saved from going into landfill since the plastic bag ban a year ago.  Redcycle, a not-for-profit organisation, also makes a huge contribution to the environment.  They collect the soft crumbly plastics from the collection bins at Coles and Woolworths supermarkets.  Each week across Australia they collect around 4.3 million pieces of soft plastic.  Great stuff!  So encouraging!  

Winter Warmer Soups

Another thing I love about winter is making and eating soup. Pumpkin soup would have to be my all time favourite.  Here's a spicy pumpkin and lentil soup recipe from taste. com.au for you to try.  


So that was June!

Well, there it goes - goodbye June!  The months seem to go faster and faster these days.  My June included further advances in my PhD.  I completed all my Facebook data analysis of the two organisations I'm studying.  A big job because I did it all manually but that was good because I immersed myself in the data and really began to understand it.  I also completed my 3-day intensive Teaching Advantage Program at the Queensland University of Technology.  This program has helped to equip me with the skills I need when I begin teaching at university in the future.  On the health front, thought I'd dodged a cold this year but no, it caught up with me!  A few miserable grey days but definitely on the mend now.  We had a couple of nights away, one down the Gold Coast looking after our 3 mischevious and delightful grandchildren.  The other was attending cooking school with Chef Sharon from Spicer's Tamarind Resort in Maleny.  We did the South East Asian Winter cooking class and learnt to make some amazing dishes.  My favourite was the peanut satay sauce - it's wickedly good!  Below is a picture of Steve and I and another dish we prepared - stir-fried pork fillet - equally good and probably fewer calories too!

And now for July! Well interviewing starts for my PhD so I'm familiarising myself with Zoom at the moment.  Seems to be going well so far.  I'll also be speaking at the Crime, Justice and Social Democracy Conference on the Gold Coast in mid-July. So exciting to be able to talk about my research with an amazing group of both academic and industry professionals.  Still working on interviews for An Ethical Life.  The first will be with Les Barkla from Pristine Peninsula.  Les is a warrior for the oceans and he and his team work tirelessly to keep litter out of Moreton Bay. 

Well, that's it for now, stay safe friends,

Until next time,

Judith x

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