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Ethical Clothing Resources

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Here are some apps and webpages to help you on your way to making ethical clothing choices.

Watch the documentary "The True Cost". It will give you huge insight into the fast fashion industry.

Another great documentary is "Minimalism: A documentary about important things".

Download your copy of Baptist World Aid's Fashion Report and Fashion Guide. The 2020 editions show how brands have responded to the challenges faced by their supply chains during COVID19. Have a look at the 2019 Fashion Report and Fashion Guide to see how strong their ethical practices were pre-COVID19. It's free to download or, if you like, you can make a small donation to help survivors of modern slavery. The website is below. While you're there scroll down the page and you can input your favourite fashion brands to quickly see how they rate in terms of their ethical practices.

Information on campaigns for living wages for garment workers

Here are some ways you can reuse your clothing

Also, check out Planet Ark's webpage below for some useful tips on where to donate your unwanted clothing. Find them at recyclingnearyou.com.au/clothing

Learn more about the slow clothing movement




Try out some ethical fashion apps for your mobile phone

Good On You App

Shop Ethical App

I hope you've enjoyed these resources and if you find any more, please let me know by email me at liveanethicallife@gmail.com. Thanks, Judy x

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