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Going green at the grocers - Part 2.

First up, apologies for not getting my blog out yesterday. I took a long weekend away up the coast and was still in holiday mode. But I'm back at my desk now and this week we're going to look at some actions we can take to be more environmentally-kind when thinking about food and going to the grocery store.

1. Grow your own herbs, fruit and vegetables.

It doesn't matter how much or how little space you've got you can always grow some fresh herbs, fruit and vegetables at home. This little bowl of fruit came from our own garden. We live in a townhouse and grow all of our plants in pots. We've got a huge array of herbs, kumquats, rosellas, strawberries, blueberries, lemons, limes, spinach and kale growing at present. One of the things I dislike about grocery shopping is having to pay for fresh herbs, you know the ones all wrapped up in plastic! The good news is that you don't have to buy them because you can easily grow your own. If space is a problem, you can make a herb centerpiece for your outdoor table. Not only do they look good, but you'll have the herbs you need on hand, right when you need them. I've posted a YouTube video to show you how to make one. Also consider growing herbs in your kitchen in glass mason jars - they look really attractive and make your home smell amazing!

2. Buy your produce locally

This tip isn't always as easy as it seems. Once upon a time (sounds like a bedtime story doesn't it?) we used to have a lot of independent greengrocers but sadly there aren't that many around anymore and the green grocer role has well and truly been taken over by the big supermarkets. But there are still some around, we just have to find them and then let everyone in our offline and online communities know where they are. Quite often these local greengrocers buy in produce from local farmers so you're not only getting the freshest produce available but quite often it's organic as well. My advice is that if you find a good greengrocer, support them by buying their produce whenever you can.

3. Visit home and market stalls on weekend drives

Ahh......weekend drives, romantic picnics and grocery shopping?? Yes, you can shop for local produce when you're out on your weekend drive. Quite often in the smaller towns and villages that you visit there will be a local greengrocer supplying a lot of freshly grown fruit and vegetables. Also when you're out and about, search for local markets too or roadside stalls as there will usually be local farmers there selling their excess produce.

4. Walk or ride your bike to the store

Finally, when you do have to go to the supermarket for your shopping needs, think about walking or riding your bike to the store. Treat it as a way to get some additional exercise and give the environment a rest from having another car on the road. Maybe this isn't for everyone but definitely something to keep in mind, especially on those days when you only have a few items to pick up from the store.

Well that's it for this week. Would love to hear any of your ideas on alternatives to supermarket shopping. Please leave your comments below plus let me know of any local greengrocers, fresh fruit and vegetable markets or roadside stalls in your area as I will be compiling a list for our website.

Until next time,

Judith x

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