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Our August/September 2019 Newsletter

Well it's time to say goodbye to winter but there's still a little time left to enjoy those simple pleasures like curling up under your favourite throw and reading a book, weekend sleep-ins enjoying the sun warming up your bedroom or Sunday drives through the country-side with a picnic lunch to share - ah winter, how we love you!

Winter has been filled with all those wonderful homemade comfort foods like Macaroni and Cheese, Irish Stew, and Golden Syrup pudding. Somehow they all taste that little bit better when there's a chill in the air. For a new slant on one of my favourites, try this recipe from Taste - Cauliflower Mac and Cheese. Visit taste.com.au at http://bit.ly/2JZ1RCp for the recipe.

Lucky us on the Redcliffe Peninsula as we have the opportunity to see the documentary 2040 at a special screening at Hoyts Kippa-Ring on Wednesday 4 September. From the documentary filmmaker that made That Sugar Film, Damon Gameau brings up hope that changes can be made to get our world back to where it should be. Definitely worth a look and I was lucky enough to receive the book as a gift from my son James and his partner Mel for Mother's Day this year. Interested to hear your thoughts on the book and doco.

This month has been all about recuperation after my hand operation. It made typing a lot more difficult and slower than usual. However, I've had a good six-week break from my studies and look forward to starting back at the beginning of September. My head is still swimming with ideas and possibilities after attending the Crime, Justice and Social Democracy Conference on the Gold Coast in July - lots to do and lots to think about!

August gave us time to work with Social Ocean, a social media marketing company here in Redcliffe, to rebrand our business and strategise our way forward. We now have a fabulous new logo to show for it. We picked this design because modern slavery is a huge part of our passion here at An Ethical Life, and we wanted a logo that showed that hope and peace can rise from adversity. That is our prayer and the driving force behind what we do. Hope you love our logo as much as we do! Just to let you know, I have yet to blog on modern slavery because of ethical reasons. I promised my PhD supervisors that I wouldn't write on the subject just in case my blog was seen by some of my potential interview participants and they were influenced by my writing. Once my interviews are over, I will be writing lots more of the subjects of modern slavery, forced labour, and forced marriages.

With September on our doorstep, there's the anticipation of warmer weather, beach days and more sunshine in the air. I love the hope and positivity that spring brings, hope of new life and second chances. My days will mostly be filled with continuing on with my PhD studies - it gets kind of scary when you realise that there are only 12 more months to go. I will be blogging every 2 weeks for now and intend to do a Facebook live or video on alternate weeks. Now that too is a scary prospect but I'll give it a go - why not, you're only young once! ; )

Until next time, be safe, and live your best ethical life,

Judith x

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