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Welcome to our October 2019 Newsletter!

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Don't you just love Spring?  It always makes me feel more positive and happy. Spring to me is about new growth, new beginnings, new possibilities!    Spring also means a change in the food we eat.  Perhaps a little less of the stodgy, comfort foods and a lot more fresh and raw ingredients to fuel our bodies.  But remember just because it's healthy, doesn't mean it has to be boring!   For some inspiration for your next Spring salad visit http://bit.ly/2mo1kSz 

Recipes from Delicious

Photo by Dose Juice on Unsplash

BORN INTO BROTHELS:  This month's 'must-watch' is a beautiful documentary from 2004 - "Born into Brothels".  It's about Zana Briski, a documentary photographer, who was photographing prostitutes in the red-light district of Kolkata, India.  While on assignment, Zana befriended the children of the prostitutes and taught them how to take photographs.  The children were given their own cameras and set out to photograph their daily lives.   Their photographs show the rawness of their lives as seen through their own eyes.  This doco won the Academy Award for the best documentary in 2005.  Available on YouTube and Google Play for $3.99.  WARNING:  You will need tissues!

Hope I'm not putting you into a state of panic but there are only 12 more weeks from tomorrow (2/10/19) until Christmas Day!  Over the next 3 months, I'll be blogging about how to have a wonderful Christmas, with budgeting tips, ethical gift-giving, and a whole lot more.  To keep up to date with the series please follow me on Facebook  (@ethicallifeau) and Instagram (ethical_life_au).

Photo by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay

Thanks for dropping by.  We'll catch you next month! So, it's time to shake off those winter woollies and get out and live your best ethical life!

Happy Spring!

Judith & Steve x

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