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Welcome to Winter!

Newsletter - June 2019

Well,  winter has definitely arrived and yes, even us Queenslanders are feeling it!  It's the time of year when I try to remember where I stored my winter clothes...yep, found them and the winter blankets, throws and my favourite slippers as well! I love this time of year when there's a chill in the air and it gets dark early, a time when you can just snuggle down and enjoy being cosy at home.  It's the perfect time for homemade soups, hearty casseroles and piping hot bread fresh out of the oven.

One thing I'm definitely interested in making this winter is mulled wine.  I've enjoyed it a few times before, mainly in colder climates like Tasmania when I visited the Salamanca Markets in Hobart.  It was a freezing cold day and we took refuge in a beautiful, old, historic hotel near the markets.  As we walked in we could smell the spicy fragrance of mulled wine that was being kept warm in crockpots on the bar. Yum! So I'm going to try and recreate it at home this winter. 

Mulled Wine Recipe

Please copy and paste the URL below into your search bar to get the beautiful mulled wine recipe from taste.com.au. http://bit.ly/taste_mulled_wine

Documentaries to Watch

I haven't seen this documentary yet but read about it in the paper yesterday.  It's called "Wasted! The Story of Food Waste" and it screened on SBS last night (2 June 2019).  It's produced by Anthony Bourdain and looks at how much food is wasted each year - something like 1.3 billion tonnes - and how we can fix the problem.  You can see the full doco on catch up tv or at http://www.wastedfilm.com/

May in Review

Well, May was an exciting month for me.  I launched my weekly blog and started getting a little more active on social media.  Thank you so much for supporting my passion project. I'm so looking forward to increasing my knowledge about how to live an ethical life and sharing it with you.  Studywise my PhD is progressing, well a little like one foot forward and two steps back, but at least I'm moving.  As an addition to my studies, I am also doing a 5-week online course about Global Sustainability with the Australian Technology Network E-Grad School. I'm learning heaps and look forward to sharing some of the interesting facts with you on Instagram every Friday.  You can find me on Instagram at  ethical_life_au or use these hashtags #anethicallifeau #factfriday.  

Hello June!

I've got some ideas brewing for An Ethical Life and am hoping to get a wriggle on and start interviewing some amazing people in my local area who are working hard to make our planet a better place.  All going well my first interview should be available in July this year.  I'll also be introducing a segment on Instagram about inventive ways to use leftovers and will be inviting you to submit pics and recipes of some of your culinary creations to share with our ethical life community.  

Don't forget to catch up with my weekly blog posts here at anethicallife.com.au.  Please tell your friends about it - the more the merrier!  And if you've something you'd like to share or chat about you can reach me on my email liveanethicallife@gmail.com, or through messaging on my Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn sites.

Have a great month friends.

Til next time

Judith x

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